Learn to Speak English Easily:

Using ‘Why’, with ‘have’, ‘has’ and ‘had

Qeustions Using ‘Why have’

Q: Why have you sold your bike?

A: I sold my bike because I wanted to buy a new one.

Q: Why have you stopped taking medicine?

A: I have stopped taking medicine because of the side effects.

Q: Why have you gone there?

A: I have gone there to collect my money.

Qeustions Using ‘Why has’

Q: Why has he left his job?

A: He has left his job for better prospects.

Q: Why has Mohan not eaten today?

A: He has not eaten today because he is fasting.

Qeustions Using ‘Why had’

Q: Why had they sold the house?

A: They had sold the house because they needed money.

Q: Why had they left the country?

A: They had left the country because they wanted to migrate.

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