Learn to Speak English Easily:

Using ‘Why’ with ‘do’, ‘does’ and ‘did


Questions Using ‘Why do’

Q: Why do you always fight?

A: I fight because I can’t tolerate injustice.

Q: Why do you come late every day?

A: I come late because I have a lot of work at home.

Q: Why do those people speak loudly?

A: They speak loudly because of the old man.

Questions Using ‘Why does’

Q: Why does he shout like that?

A: He shouts because people throw garbage outside their house.

Q: Why does your brother come late?

A: He comes late because he has a lot of work in the office.

Questions Using ‘Why did’

Q: Why did they admit him?

A: They admitted him because he had some serious problem.

Q: Why did you not tell me earlier?

A: I did not tell you earlier because I did not want to worry you.

Q: Why did he (or name of a person) buy a second flat?

A: He bought it for his parents.


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