Learn to Speak English Easily: Using ‘Why’ with “can’t” and “couldn’t”

We use questions with “why can’t” and “Why couldn’t” to know the reason for something. Here are some examples:


Q: Why can’t you come with me?

A: I can’t come with you because I have to study.


Q: Why can’t she find a better job?

A: She can’t find a better job because it is difficult to find one.


Q: Why can’t I go on the picnic?

A: You can’t go on the picnic because you have exams next week.


Q: Why couldn’t she finish the work?

A: She couldn’t finish the work because it was already late.


Q: Why couldn’t they help her?

A: They couldn’t help her because they had their own problems.


Q: Why couldn’t she get a good rank?

A: She couldn’t get one because she did not/didn’t study seriously.


Exercise: Write more questions and answers, using the examples, which you can use in your day to day conversation on your own and practice orally.

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