Learn to Speak English Easily: Use of ‘have to’ and ‘has to’

Learn to speak English fluently using TLP Spoken English Course. The course is designed to facilitate self-learning in an easy way. It is organised into units to help you learn step by step in a simple and systematic way. You should go through all the units to be able to speak fluently. To know more you can read: How to Use the Course Content?

In the previous unit you have learnt the Use of ‘have’ and ‘has’ and in this unit you will learn the Use of ‘have to’ and ‘has to‘.

Use of ‘have to’ and ‘has to’

We use ‘have to‘ and ‘has to‘–

  • To talk about something that is necessary.

I have to learn to speak in English.
You have to help me.
We have to reach school in time.
They have to win the match.
Michael has to work on Sundays.
He has to consult a doctor.
She has to cook.
The dog/It has to eat.

  • To talk about one’s obligation

I have to take my friend to the doctor.
He has to attend the meeting.
We have to invite them to the party.

Use of ‘have to’ and ‘has to’ in Negative Sentences

To make negative sentences with ‘have to’, we use “don’t have to” and “doesn’t have to”.

I don’t have to go now.
You don’t have to consult a doctor.
We don’t have to sell our car.
They don’t have to worry.
He doesn’t have to pay his fee.
She doesn’t have to cook dinner.
It doesn’t have to stay outside.

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