Learn to Speak English Easily: Regular Verbs

Learn to speak English easily throgh TLP Spoken English Course. The course is designed to facilitate self-learning in an easy way. It is organised into units to help you learn step by step in a simple and systematic way. You should go through all the units to be able to speak fluently. To know more you can read: How to Use the Course Content?  In the previous unit you have learnt about Irregular Verbs and in this unit you will learn about ‘Regular Verbs‘.

Regular Verbs

For a Regular Verb, the second and third forms are the same. The three forms of the regular verb ‘count’ are ‘count, counted and counted’. To form the past tense of a Regular Verb, which is ending with a vowel ‘a, e, i, o, u’, one must add ‘d’ to it. For example the past tense form of ‘agree’ becomes ‘agreed’. The past tense and past participle form of such verbs is the same (Ex. agree, agreed, agreed). If the regular verb ends with a consonant add ‘ed’ to form the past tense or the past participle. (Ex. boil, boiled, boiled). There are some exceptions. Verbs ending in ‘y’ change into ‘ied’ (Ex. carry, carried, carried). With some verbs like ‘permit’, we add the last letter along with ‘ed’ (Ex. permit, permitted, permitted).

Below is a list of the most commonly used Regular Verbs. You are advised to learn the three different forms of the verbs, which are used in different tenses. You can understand the use of the different forms from the following example.

Do you accept credit cards? (Present Tense)
He accepted my invitations. (Past Tense)
They will accept applications till the end of the month. (Future Tense)

List of the most commonly used Regular (Weak) Verbs

accept                   add                        admire
admit                    advise                   afford
agree                    alert                       allow
amuse                  analyse                 announce
answer                 appear                  appreciate
approve               argue                    arrange
arrest                    arrive                    ask
attack                    attempt               attend
attract                   ban                        bathe
beg                         behave                 bless
board                     boast                    boil
bolt                         book                     bore
borrow                  bounce                bow
breathe                 brush                    bump
burn                       bury                      calculate
call                         camp                     care
carry                      cause                    challenge
change                 charge                  choke
claim                     clap                       clean
clear                      clip                         close
coach                    compare              compete
complain             complete             concentrate
concern                confess                confuse
connect                consider              cough
count                    cover                     crack
crash                     crawl                     cross
crush                     cry                          cure
chase                    cheat                     check
cheer                     collect                  colour
comb                     command           communicate
continue              copy                      correct
courier                  credit                    curve
damage                dance                   debate
dare                       debit                     deceive
decide                   decorate             delay
delete                    delight                 deliver
depend                 describe              desert
deserve                destroy                detect
develop                dial                        disagree
disappear            disapprove         disarm
discover               dislike                   divide
divorce                 double                  doubt
drag                       drain                      dream
dress                     drop                       drown
dry                         dust                        earn
educate               email                      embarrass
employ                 empty                   encourage
end                        enjoy                      enter
entertain             escape                  examine
excite                    excuse                  exercise
exist                      expand                 expect
explain                 explode               extend
face                       fade                       fail
fasten                   fax                          fear
fetch                     file                          fill
film                        fire                         fit
fix                           flash                      float
flood                     flow                       fold
follow                   fool                        force
form                      format                  frame
frighten                fry                          gather
gaze                       glow                      grab
grate                     grease                   grin
grip                        groan                    guard
guess                    greet                     guarantee
guide                     hammer              hand
handle                  hang                     happen
harass                   harm                    hate
haunt                    head                     heal
heap                      heat                      help
hop                        hope                     hug
hum                       hunt                     hurry
identify                ignore                  imagine
impress                improve              include
increase               influence            inform
injure                    instruct                intend
interest                interfere              interrupt
introduce            invent                   invite
irritate                  jail                          jog
joke                       join                        judge
jump                     kick                       knit
knot                       kill                         kiss
kneel                     knock                   label
land                       last                        laugh
launch                   learn                    level
lick                          lie                          like
list                          listen                     live
load                       lock                       log
long                       look                      love
mail                        manage              march
mark                      marry                   match
mate                     measure              meddle
melt                       memorise          mend
message              mine                     miss
mix                         mourn                 move
multiply                murder               nail
need                     nod                        notice
name                    note                      number
obey                      object                  observe
obtain                   occur                   offend
offer                      open                     order
overflow              owe                       own
pack                       paint                    park
part                        pass                      paste
pat                         pause                    peel
peep                     perform                permit
phone                   pick                       pinch
place                     plan                       plant
play                        please                  point
poke                      polish                   possess
post                       pour                      practise
pray                       preach                  precede
prefer                   prepare                 present
preserve              press                     pretend
prevent                prick                      produce
program               promise               protect
provide                pull                         pump
punch                   puncture              punish
push                      question              queue
race                       rain                         raise
reach                     realise                   receive
recharge              recognize             record
reduce                  reflect                    refuse
regret                   relax                        release
rely                        remain                   remember
remind                 remove                  repair
replace                 reply                       report
reproduce           request                  rescue
retire                     return                     risk
rob                         roll                           rub
ruin                        rule                         rush
sack                       sail                          satisfy
save                       scare                      scold
scratch                  scream                 scrub
seal                        search                   separate
serve                     settle                     shade
share                     shave                    shiver
shock                    shop                      shrug
sigh                        sign                        signal
sin                          sip                           skip
slap                        slip                         slow
smash                   smell                     smile
smoke                  snatch                   sneeze
sniff                       snow                     soak
spare                     spell                      spill
spoil                       spot                      spray
squeeze               stain                      stamp
stare                      start                       stay
steer                     step                        stir
stitch                     stop                       store
strap                      strengthen         stretch
strip                       stroke                   stuff
succeed               suffer                     suggest
suit                         supply                  support
suppose               surprise               surround
suspect                suspend               swipe
switch                   talk                        tame
tap                         taste                      tease
telephone           tempt                   terrify
test                        text                         thank
thaw                      tick                        tie
time                       tip                          tire
touch                    tour                       trace
trade                     train                      transport
trap                        travel                    treat
tremble                trick                      trip
trouble                 trust                      try
tumble                 turn                       tweet
twist                      type                      undress
unite                     use                        unlock
vanish                   visit                       wail
wait                       walk                      want
warm                    warn                      wash
waste                    watch                    water
wave                     weigh                    welcome
whip                      whisper                whistle
wink                      wipe                      wish
withdraw             wonder                work
worship                worry

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