Learn to Speak English Easily: Questions ‘Why’ with ‘am’, ‘is’ and ‘are’

Why’ is used to ask the reason for something. In such questions ‘why’ is followed by ‘am, is, are, was, were, have, has, had, do, does, did, can, could, will, would, shall should, may, might and must’.

Questions using ‘Why am I’

Q: Why am I worrying? (Questioning oneself)

Q: Why am I eating too much?

Q: Why am I wasting money like this?

Q: Why am I putting on weight?

Q: Why am I thinking too much?

Q: Why am I angry with everyone?

Q: Why am I getting late every time?

Questions using ‘Why is’

Q: Why is he angry?

A: He is angry because he lost his job.

Q: Why is she troubling you?

A: She is troubling because she is upset.

Q: Why is Rajesh always late to office?

A: Rajesh always late to office because he gets up late.

Q: Why is there so much rush in the super market?

A: It’s because of the sale.

Q: Why is it so costly?

A: It is costly/It is so costly because the material is good.

Questions using ‘Why are’

Q: Why are you late?

A: I am late, because I missed the bus.

Q: Why are you going to Delhi?

A: I am going to Delhi to see my parents.

Q: Why are you shouting at him?

A: I am shouting at him, because he has broken the glass.

Q: Why are we losing every time?

A: We are losing, because we are not playing well.

Q: Why are we not able to solve the problem?

A: We are not able to solve the problem, because we are not focussing on it.

Q: Why are they upset?

A: They are upset because they lost their money.

Q: Why are they fighting?

A: They are fighting because they have differences.


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