Learn to Speak English Easily: Questions using ‘Who’ with ‘will’ and ‘would’

In the previous unit you have learnt how to make  Questions Using ‘Who’ with ‘do’, ‘does’ and ‘did’. In this unit you will learn to make Questions using ‘Who’ with ‘will’ and ‘would’.

Q: Who will do this job?
A: I will do this job.

Q: Who will win the match?
A: ——– (name of the country/person) will win the match.

Q: Who will you support?
A: I will support my sister.

Q: Who would you like to see?
A: I would like to see the director.

Q: Who would they vote for?
A: They would vote for the opposition party.

Q: Who would you like to invite?
A: I would like to invite my old friends.

Exercise: Write questions and answers which you may have to use in your day-to-day conversations using the above examples.

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