Learn to Speak English Easily: Questions using ‘Who’ with ‘shall’ and ‘should’

Q: Who shall I send the letter to?
A: You can/could/should send the letter to the concerned authorities.

Q: Who shall I complain to?
A: You can/could/should complain to the police.

Q: Who shall I meet?
A: You can/could/should meet the principal of the college.

Q: Who should we invite for the meeting?
A: We should invite all the office bearers.

Q: Who should I give the money to?
A: You should give the money to the team leader.

Q: Who should we make the captain of the team?
A: We should make ———– (use a name) the captain.

Exercise: Write questions and answers which you may have to use in your day-to-day conversations using the above examples.

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