Learn to Speak English Easily:  Questions using ‘Who must’

Q: Who must I complain to?
A: You must complain to the president.

Q: Who must we give this to?
A: We must give it to anyone who is in need of it.

 Q: Who must win the match?
A: India must win the match.

Q: Who must clean up the room?
A: You must./You must clean up the room.

Q: Who must take up the responsibility?
A: The secretary must take up the responsibility.

Q: Who must give the innaugural speech?
A: The president must give the innaugural speech.

Q: Who must they send the money to?
A: They must send the money to the homeless.

Q: Who must you invite to the party?
A: I must invite the minister.

Exercise: Write questions and answers which you may have to use in your day-to-day conversations using the above examples.

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