Learn to Speak English Easily: Questions Using ‘Where’ with ‘do’, ‘does’ and ‘did’

In the previous unit you have learnt how to ask Questions Using ‘Where’ with ‘have’, ‘has’ and ‘had’. In this unit you can learn how to use ‘Where do’, ‘Where does’ and ‘Where did’ in questions.

Questions using ‘Where do’

Q: Where do you put up?
A: I put up in Mumbai/New York.

Q: Where do you buy vegetables?
A: I buy vegetables from the super market.

Q: Where do they study every day?
A: They study in the library.

Q: Where do I keep the books?
A: You can keep them on the table.

Q: Where does she buy her dresses?
A: She buys her dresses at Big Bazar.

Q: Where does he go every day?
A: He goes to the gym every day.

Q: Where does she work?
A: She works in a school.

Q: Where did you eat yesterday?
A: I ate at a hotel.

Q: Where did they go?
A: They went to their native place.


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