Learn to Speak English Easily: Questions Using ‘Where can’ and ‘Where could’

In the preveious unit you have learnt how to ask Questions using ‘Where’ with ‘do’, ‘does’ and ‘did’. In this unit you can learn how make questions using ‘Where’ with ‘can’ and ‘could’. We use ‘Where’ in questions to ask about a place. We often use ‘Where can‘ and ‘Where could‘to ask questions in different situations. ‘Where could’ is used in questions about the past and also to be polite. Examples of questions using ‘Where can’ and ‘Where could’ and how to answer such questions is given below.

Q: Where can I drop you?
A: You can drop me at the college.

Q: Where can I get some fresh flowers?
A: You can get them at the florist.

Q: Where can you meet me?
A: I can meet you at your office.

Q: Where can I learn to speak English?
A: You can join some good institute.

Q: Where can they go?
A: They can go anywhere.

Q: Where could he get treatment?
A: He could get it from any hospital.

Q: Where could I buy some fruit?
A: You could buy it at the super market.

Q: Where could they have gone?
A: They could have gone for a movie.

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