Learn to Speak English Easily: Questions Using ‘When have’, When has’ and ‘When had’

Q: When have I scolded him?
A: You have scolded him in the morning.

Q: When have you met him?
A: I’ve met him a short while ago.

Q: When have they finished the work?
A: They’ve finished the work just now.

Q: When has he asked for my help?
A: He has asked for your help recently.

Q: When has she bought the new car?
A: She has bought the new car this month.

Q: When had I bought a new dress?
A: You had bought a new dress last month.

Q: When had he sold his house?
A: He had sold his house long back.

Q: When had they visited India last time?
A: They had visited India a year back.

Q: When had Ram celebrated his birthday?
A: He had celebrated it last week.

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