Learn to Speak English Easily: Questions Using ‘When do’, ‘When does’ and ‘When did’

Q: When do you get up?
A: I get up at seven.

Q: When do you go to office?
A: I go to office at 9 o’clock.

Q: When do they cook?
A: They cook in the morning.

Q: When does she sleep?
A: She sleeps at ten.

Q: When does the bank close?
A: It closes at 6 o’clock.

Q: When does he reach home daily?
A: He reaches home daily at 7 o’clock.

Q: When did you come?
A: I came yesterday.

Q: When did you sell your scooter?
A: I sold it last week.

Q: When did she buy the TV?
A: She bought the TV last month.

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