Learn to Speak English Fluently: Questions using ‘What was’ and ‘What were’

Learn to speak English easily through TLP Spoken English Course. The course is designed to facilitate self-learning. It is organised into units to help you learn step by step in a simple and systematic way. You should go through all the units and do the exercises to be able to speak fluently. To know more you can read: How to Use the Course Content?

In the previous unit you have learnt to make Questions using ‘What am’, ‘What is’ and ‘What are’. In this unit you will learn to make questions using ‘What was‘ and ‘What were‘. Next unit is about making Questions using ‘What’ with ‘have’, ‘has’ and ‘had’.

Questions using ‘What was’

We use ‘What‘ with ‘was‘ and ‘were‘ to ask about the past. We commonly use ‘What was‘, ‘What were‘ and so on in questions. Here are some examples for questions and answers.

Q:  What was he?
A:  He was a teacher.

Q:  What was she playing?
A:  She was playing tennis.

Q:  What was that?
A:  That was an ambulance.

Q:  What was disturbing you?
A:  The music was disturbing me.

Q:  What was he asking for?
A:  He was asking for a pen.

Questions using ‘What were’

Q:  What were you eating?
A:  I was eating biryani.

Q: What were you studying in the morning?
A: I was studying Chemistry in the morning.

Q:  What were they watching?
A:  They were watching the match.

Q: What were they discussing about?
A: They were discussing about tomorrow’s programme.

Q:  What were her problems?
A:  They were related to money.

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