How to Speak English Fluently: Questions Using ‘is’ with ‘it’

Learn to speak English easily through the TLP Spoken English Course. The course is designed specially to facilitate self-learning. It is organised into units to help you learn step by step in a simple, systematic and in an easy way. To be able to speak fluently you should go through all the units and do the exercises. To know more you can read: How to Use the Course Content? You have learnt the Use of ‘is’ with ‘it’ in the previous unit. In this unit you will learn Questions using ‘is’ with ‘it’ and how to answer such questions. We can ask questions beginning with ‘Is it’ in thepresent. For such questions, one can answer in the positive or in the negative.One can answer in different ways as given in the following example.
  • Questioning about a thing.
Is it a printer? Yes. Yes, it is. Yes, it is a printer. No. No, it isn’t. No, it is not/isn’t a printer.
  • Questioning about a place.
Is it far from here? Yes. Yes, it is. Yes, it is far from here. No. No, it isn’t. No, it is not/isn’t far from here. Exercise: Answer the following questions using the above example. Is it a ship? Is it Johnson’s car? Is it a bulldozer? Is it bitter? Is it a new cell phone? Is it a guitar? Is it your baby? Is it working? Is it difficult to learn swimming? Exercise: Write more questions and answers, using the example, which you can use in your day-to-day conversation and practice orally. Previous: How to use ‘is’ with ‘it’ Next: How to use ‘is’ with ‘here’ and ‘there’  You can check the meanings of the words in English Oxford Living Dictionaries