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How to Use ‘Where are’

Some examples of questions using ‘Where are‘ and answers are given below.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from Canada.

Q: Where are your friends?
A: They are waiting in the lobby.

Q: Where are all the students?
A: They are on the playground.

Q: Where are the people assembling?
A: They are assembling at the stadium.

Q: Where are we going to do yoga?
A: We are going to do yoga in the park.

Q: Where are we taking the children for the weekend?
A: We are taking them to the zoo.

Q: Where are they ordering the books from?
A: They are ordering them from Flipkart.

Q: Where are they boarding the flight from?
A: They are boarding the flight from Chicago.

Q: Where are the curios?
A: They are in the shelf.

Q: Where are the oranges?
A: They are in the fridge.


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