How to Use the Course Content?

Do you know ‘How to speak English fluently’? TLP Spoken English Course helps you learn to speak English in an easy way. Go through each unit thoroughly and then practice the exercises given. Gradually you will be able to improve your skills in English speaking.

Try to understand the meaning of words used in each unit. Make a list of all the words used in the unit and if you do not know the meaning of a word check in the dictionary. Once you understand the meaning of all the words you can study the unit. Now you will be able to understand the lesson and can learn easily.

The units contain tables specially designed to help you learn in an easy and systematic way.  Simple examples are given to help you understand the usage. Once you understand the usage, write sentences on your own using the tables and examples given in the units. You should read out the sentences using the tables. Read them aloud and then practice orally till you are fluent. Once you learn to make simple sentences, you will be able to make complex sentences on your own. Devote some time every day to learn and try to use what you have learnt in your day-to-day conversation with others.

A few tips before you begin. When you want to speak in English, do not think in your mother tongue and then try to translate the idea, word to word into English. Instead learn how  a particular idea is expressed in English directly.  Make it a point to learn the usage as it is originally used. Practice orally, what you learn every day. Try to find a friend or someone with whom you can converse in English, otherwise speak to yourself as if you are speaking to some other person. This will help you learn faster. We are sure that with strong determination and continuous effort, you will be able to speak English fluently in a short time.

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