Learn to Speak English Easily: How to use ‘is’ with ‘it’?

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In the previous unit you have learnt to make Questions using ‘is’ with ‘this’ and ‘that’ and how to answer such questions. In this unit you will learn the use of ‘Is’ with ‘it‘.


We use ‘is’ with ‘it’ to talk about oneself, another person, animals, babies and things in reference to the present. We also use ‘is‘ with ‘it‘ to talk about present time, day, place, weather, temperature, a situation and to express an opinion.

We use ‘is’ with ‘it’–

  • To refer to oneself over phone or in person.

Hello! It is/It’s me, Peter/ It is Peter. 
It is Rajan.
It’s your niece speaking.

  • To refer to another person when we are identifying someone.

It is Sheela.
It is Vamshee.
It is/It’s Phillip.

  • To talk about a baby when we do not know its gender, an animal or a thing.

It is her baby.
It is a dog barking outside.
It is a guitar.

  • To talk about time and days (e.g. birthdays,anniversaries and so on).

It is evening. 
It is five o’clock.
It is my birthday, tomorrow.
It is mom’s wedding anniversary next Monday.

  • To talk about a place, weather and temperature.

It is a railway station.
It is hot/sultry.
It is quite pleasant today.
It is 40 degrees now.

  • To talk about many different ideas like importance, difficulty, possibility and also to express an emotional reaction and to talk about some vague situations.

It is important to attend the meeting.
It is difficult to change him. 
It is possible to renew the policy.
It is good to see you.
Take it easy.

  • To express an opinion about anything in the present situation.

It is a great work of art.
It is horrible.
It is awesome.
It is amazing.

Contracted and Negative Forms of ‘is’ with ‘it’

Positive Form Positive  Contracted Form Negative Form Negative  Contracted Form
It is It’s It is not It isn’t

It is good.                                     It’s good.
It is not good.                              It isn’t good. 

Exercise: Write more sentences using the examples,which you can use in your day-to-day conversation and practice orally.

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You can check the meanings of the words in English Oxford Living Dictionaries