Conversation with a School Student

Person:        What is your name?

Student:      My name is Vishal/ I’m Vishal.

Person:        Which class are you studying in?

Student:      I am in tenth class.

Person:        What is your class teacher’s name?

Student:      Her name is Mary teacher.

Person:        Which school are you studying at?

Student:      I am studying at St. Paul’s High School.

Person:        Where is your school?

Student:      My school is at Himayath Nagar.

Person:        How do you go to school?

Student:      I go by an auto.

Person:        How far is your school from your house?

Student:      It’s about two kilometers.

Person:        What time do you go to school?

Student:      I go to school at 8 o’clock.

Person:        Okay. See you again.

Student:      Bye. Good day sir/madam.