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Learn to speak English online easily.
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Welcome! Join the thousands of happy learners of English. The Launching Pad (TLP) Spoken English Course helps you learn to speak in English in a simple and systematic way.  Learn and speak in English confidently. We have designed the course to help you learn easily. Here are a few tips to learn to speak English. Start now. Happy learning.

Learn Confidently

The first thing you need to learn a language is the confidence that you can learn the language. Don’t have any doubt about your ability to learn. You can learn a language provided you devote sometime every day and try to learn a little every day and try to use what you learn. Be determined. Say to yourself “I will not stop learning till I am able to speak in English fluently”.

Don’t Hesitate to Speak in English

Do not hesitate to speak in English. Don’t worry about what others think about your language. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Try to speak as much as possible in English. The purpose of a language is to communicate. Try to communicate in English and be happy if the other person is able to understand you. Over a period of time you will be able to improve. You will never be able to learn if you hesitate to speak in English.

Don’t give up.

You should be patient to learn a language. Don’t get disheartened when you are not able to learn something. Be persuasive. Try again and again till you are able to learn it.

If you devote some time every day and try to learn, you will be able to speak English fluently in a very short time. Be patient. Don’t give up.

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