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Learn to Speak English Fluently-Questions with ‘Shall’ and ‘Should’

We can make questions beginning with ‘Shall’ and ‘Should’ as given below.

Shall I help you?
Shall I make some coffee for you?
Shall we eat lunch in a hotel?

For such questions, one can answer in the positive or in the negative. One can answer in different ways as given in the following example.

Shall I ask you a question? (to ask permission)
Yes, you can/may.
Yes, you can/may ask a question.
No, you can’t/mayn’t.
No, you shan’t ask a question.

Should I consult a doctor?
Yes, you should.
Yes, you should consult a doctor.
No, you shouldn’t.
No, you shouldn’t consult a doctor.

Exercise: Answer the following questions using the above examples.

Shall I help you?
Shall we play a game?
Shall we have some tea?
Should I go to the station?
Should we obey the orders?
Should he attend the interview?
Should they take him to the hospital?
Should she consult the doctor?

Exercise: Write more questions and answers using the example, which you can use in your day-to-day conversation and practice orally.

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