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Learn to Speak English Fluently: Questions using ‘is with ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘it’ and ‘there’

Learn to speak English fluently using TLP Spoken English Course. The course is designed to facilitate self-learning in an easy way. The course is organised into units for easy learning. Learn each unit and talk in English using what you learn. To know more read: How to Use the Course Content?

In the previous unit you have learnt the ‘Use of ‘is’ with ‘this’, ‘that’ and ‘it’‘. In this unit you will learn to make questions using ‘is‘ with ‘this‘, ‘that‘, ‘it‘ and ‘there‘. We can ask questions beginning with ‘Is this’, ‘Is that’, ‘Is it’ and ‘Is there’ in the present. For such questions, one can answer in the positive or in the negative. One can answer in different ways as given in the following example.

Is this a bus stop?
Yes, this is.
Yes, this is a bus stop.
No, this isn’t.
No, this isn’t a bus stop.

Exercise: Write complete answers both in the positive and  in the negative for the following questions. 

Is this a hotel?
Is this your sister’s scooter?
Is this his car?
Is that an ambulance?
Is that your college?
Is that her favourite dress?
Is it a new bag?
Is it a guitar?
Is it working?
Is there any coffee in the house?
Is there anyone at home?

Exercise: Write more questions and answers using the example, which you can use in your day-to-day conversation and practice orally.

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