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Learn to Speak English Fluently: Questions Using ‘is’ with ‘he’ and ‘she’

Learn to speak English fluently using TLP Spoken English Course. The course is designed to facilitate self-learning in an easy way. The course is organised into units for easy learning. Learn each unit and talk in English using what you learn. To know more read: How to Use the Course Content? In the previous unit you have learnt the ‘Use of ‘is’ with ‘he’ and ‘she’‘ to make statements. In this unit you will learn to make questions using ‘Is’ with he‘ and ‘she‘.

We can make questions beginning with ‘Is he’ and ‘Is she’ to ask about a person in the present. We can also make questions using ‘Is’ with a ‘name‘ or ‘your brother‘, ‘your class teacher‘ and so on. For such questions, the answer can be in the positive or in the negative. One can answer in different ways as given in the following example.

Is he a professor?
Yes, he is.
Yes, he’s a professor.
No, he isn’t.
No, he isn’t a professor.

Exercise: Write a complete answer both in the positive and the negative for the following questions. 

Is he Mohan?
Is he a designer?
Is she a good cook?

Is he a bright student?
Is he friendly?
Is he worried?
Is he learning English?
Is she cooking biryani?
Is John working in a bank?
Is she learning to speak English?
Is your sister studying medicine?
Is your class teacher very strict?
Is your brother going to US?

Exercise: Write more questions and answers on your own, which you can use in your day-to-day conversation and practice orally.

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You can check the meanings of the words in English Oxford Living Dictionaries